Do you want to up your “Google my Business” listing ?

Google my Business is a necessary tool for companies that are looking into developing their online existence and listing on Google.

Setting up your own Google My Business listing is a lot easier than what you may think.

There is a good possibility that if your business has been established for a long amount of time it may already have its own Google my Business listing which is available for the public and potential clients.

If you are now curious and would like to know if your company currently already has a Google my Business account, then simply just Google your business name and see what comes up on the right-hand side of the search engine. If it lists all of your company information then you are onto a winner because that means it is already set up.

If you are starting a brand new company then Google my Business is an excellent place to start. When creating your new Google my Business account you need to remember to add everything to this that a potential client will need to know for example: the correct business address, opening hours, a bit about the company, whether its local, its social media accounts, make sure you add it into the relevant category to the business (eg media or design) and it is important to add the attributes to the company- what you have to offer.

This will all help you get more and new customers, Google my Business is like an in the site of the company before looking at the company website.

If you are wanting to boost your Google my Business that little bit further then Google Reviews will help with this. Google Reviews are displayed under local listings in the search result. These which have more highly rated reviews naturally show higher than those that don’t.
This is always a good way to make sure you are ranked higher on Google too, so make sure you get your customers to leave you a Google Review.

Now that we have covered most of the basic information it is important that you enhance your Google My Business listing by using all of the tools which it has to offer. A good Google listing is packed with all of the relevant and helpful information for example images, links, videos, info on the company. The more visual information you have the more likely it is to stand out to potential customers.
It is important to include images such as your logo or team pictures to show how friendly your company is.

Once you have verified your listing Google will automatically pull a street view image from outside your location, this means it will give your customers a better idea of where your business is located.

So remember to keep your Google my Business in top form, to gain more customers and to keep your business up to Google’s standards.